Who Is M-TriGen?

M-TriGen manufactures micro combined cooling, heat and power systems (MCCHP) designed to provide power for residential, commercial, light industrial, military and government markets. M-TriGen's patent-pending hybrid MCCHP system can achieve efficiency levels twice those of existing combined cycle, large-scale centralized power generation systems. M-TriGen's MCCHP systems reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency, balance existing renewable power generation systems, and greatly improve energy, security and power reliability, all the while offering a clean and continuous source of power.

M-TriGen products are engineered to deliver two times the efficiency of the central electric grid and three times the efficiency of conventional fossil fuel fired power generation systems, through an effective use and balance of power, heating and cooling within environmental guidelines. Its systems are designed to shave peak loads and service always-on-power requirements of the business, home or micro-grid. 

Technology Products

M-TriGen's patent-pending, disruptive technology accelerated two major trends in energy production.

  • A shift from Centralized to Distributed Power generation
  • Emergence of Natural Gas as the bridge from fuel to renewables

M-TriGen's All-in-One power, heat and cooling products are the outgrowth of 30 years of designing and manufacturing leading power technology systems for the aircraft, power generation, and trucking industries performed by its founders.

With primary emphasis on building cutting-edge, micro-sized, green technology, M-TriGen's systems integrate easily and are the foundation for micro grids capable of controlling and balancing the load requirements of all existing energy sources, including alternative energy forms such as solar, wind and hydro. M-TriGen products are available in natural gas, propane, diesel, and gasoline models. 

MCCHP systems combine to produce cooling as well as heat and always on power. Sometimes referred to as Tri-generation, combined cooling, heat and power systems achieve a secondary level of efficiency in optimizing the production and usage of cool air. Tri-generation systems are effective for buildings as well as some industrial processes requiring continuous uses for both heating and/or cooling. 

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